Social Security Disability hearing

Should I Be Nervous About My Social Security Disability Hearing?

Your SSDI hearing can be an anxiety-inducing experience. There’s a lot of pressure to say the right things—all while you’re in one of the most intimidating settings possible. You have already invested significant time into applying for SSDI benefits, so there is a lot at stake. Your disability hearing will determine whether or not you get the benefits you need to support your family each month. If nerves are setting in, know that you’re not alone. Everyone who has gone through this process has experienced this, and with the right legal support, you can easily navigate your hearing.

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What to Expect in Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Your attorney will walk you through what to expect in an SSDI hearing. Knowing what to expect can significantly limit your anxiety about the entire process and even give you a chance to practice. In general, SSDI hearings aren’t held in a standard courtroom—so if you envisioned a large, stately courtroom, you can rest easy knowing that your hearing will likely occur in a conference room or other less formal setting.

Your case will be heard by an Administrative Law Judge. Your attorney will be there with you, and others may also be in the room. Potential attendees include medical experts, vocational experts, and other professionals with insight into your case.

During the hearing, the judge will ask you a variety of questions about your case. They may question you about your employment history, the extent of your disability, and your limitations. If some of the questions confuse you or throw you for a loop, you can ask for a moment to think—there’s no rush. You want to be concise yet thorough in your answers.


Common Concerns for Applicants

Applicants report a wide range of concerns and worries as they prepare for their SSDI hearing. Common concerns include:


  • Denial:

    Many applicants are obviously concerned about having their application denied. You’ve put months or even years into this process, and the thought of leaving with nothing is very disappointing. However, it’s helpful to remember that the judge isn’t looking for reasons to deny you. They aren’t starting off prejudiced against you—they are starting from a neutral point and looking for the truth.

  • Trick questions:

    Everyone’s heard about “trick questions” posed in SSDI hearings. Try not to lose too much sleep over these. When you work with an SSDI attorney in Pensacola, they’ll prepare you for the questions the judge is likely to ask and ensure that you feel confident heading into your hearing.

  • Judgment from others:

    It’s common to worry about being judged by others, especially if your disability isn’t immediately visible or obvious. Know that the judge and everyone else in the room has seen a wide range of disabilities and limitations. They aren’t there to make you feel bad or assume the worst about you.

  • Medical evidence:

    Talking about your medical evidence and documentation can be challenging, particularly if you have limited knowledge of healthcare and the medical field in general. Use your time with your attorney to prepare for these questions.

  • Not knowing what to say under pressure:

    Many people freeze under pressure and say too much or too little. The judge knows that a hearing is a stressful environment and they don’t expect you to answer everything perfectly.


How to Prepare for Your Disability Hearing

A big part of your attorney’s job is helping you get ready for your disability hearing. During preparation, you’ll learn how to discuss your medical records, what to focus on during your hearing, and how to answer a variety of questions. You may get to do a mock trial where you answer questions and get a feel for the entire process. Your lawyer will help you know how to dress for your hearing, what evidence or information to bring, and how to make a good first impression.


Get Ready for Your SSDI Hearing with Quin Baker, SSD Lawyer

The earlier you begin working with our team, the more assistance we can provide throughout this entire process. Let’s talk about your next steps now. Contact us online or call us at 850-433-0888 to get started.

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